Stacey Lee Webber Exhibition


Green and Gold features manipulated paper money and coins transformed into artwork and jewelry. The one-of-a-kind lockets and pendants will be composed with 14k vermeil vintage silver coins pierced out by hand and encrusted with diamonds. 

The wall artwork will feature impeccable hand-stitched embroidered paper money, highlighted by Webber’s most recent artwork which pours black thread over Alexander Hamilton ten-dollar bills.

Philadelphia based artist, Stacey Lee Webber received her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Ball State University in 2005 and a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin in 2008. Webber cherishes working with found materials whose history is physically evident. Webber’s sculpture is often painstakingly laborious which she uses as a continuous theme throughout her work. The pieces make the viewer question the value of her labor and the work ethic of blue-collar America.

Webber's practice incorporates a wide range of techniques including coin cutting, embroidery, metal fabrication, weaving and resin pouring. All of these techniques and more are used to declare the importance of the handmade while challenging these same systems. Webber’s objects are haunting celebrations of liberty and labor.