Glossy features contemporary artist jewelers inspired by the images and messages presented in magazines, also known as ‘glossies,” for the paper on which they are printed. Glossies serve as a vital communication tool for messaging in the fashion industry. The fashion world is often influenced by celebrity, art, films, and literature. Artists are also responding to the material culture around them. From enamel and textiles to diamonds and zippers, the jewelry artists in this exhibition investigate the medium that captures the zeitgeist of our times. 

The artists in this exhibition include: Mando Bartlett, Kate Cusack, Heather Guidero, Gabrielle Gould, Mia Hebib, Everett Hoffman, Mia Kwon, Margaux Lange, Maia Leppo, Tara Locklear, Heidi Lowe, Brooke Marks-Swanson, Jennifer Merchant, Jillian Moore, emiko oye, Louise Perrone, Denisa Piatti, Rachel Reichert, Lyndsay Rice, Caitie Sellers, Inbar Shahak, Bridgette Shepherd, Olivia Shih, Olga Starostina, and Rachel Suzanne Smith.

The group exhibition of 25 contemporary artists first stop is at The Plumb Club Pavilion at JCK Las Vegas. Glossy opens May 31 and runs through June 3. The exhibition travels to Cincinnati at Ombré Gallery located at 1511 Race Street in Over-the-Rhine June 21 through August 23.